Statement of purpose

We are a multi-tendency caucus of revolutionary socialists who are active in many facets of DSA. We formed a caucus to share our assessments of local, national, and international developments in order to better influence DSA as it grows and evolves. While we share a long term commitment to the big tent project of DSA, which serves to knit together all those breaking from capitalism, we recognize the overwhelming pull towards reformism that has swept up many social movements and political organizations historically.

Our points of unity express the kind of organization we’d like DSA to become, one that is necessary to advance working class interests – independent of the capitalist parties, rank and file in its involvement in the labor movement, multiracial, and anti-imperialist.

We do not aim to be a talk shop or sloganeers on the sidelines, but believe the best way to move people toward revolutionary politics is to fight alongside them, to be there through victories and defeats, putting forward next steps and learning from the struggle ourselves.


Membership in the Red Caucus is by nomination and a vote of Caucus members. Learn more about joining Red Caucus.

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