Statement of Purpose

We are a multi-tendency collective of communists. We formed to share our assessments of local, national, and international developments in order to help influence, organize and build working class formations dedicated to opposing capitalism and building support for socialism and decolonization. We share a long term commitment to this project, which serves to knit together all those breaking from capitalism, while recognizing the overwhelming pull towards liberal reformism that has swept up many left social movements and political organizations historically. 

Our points of unity express the kind of political orientation we want to see grow and flourish, one that we believe is necessary to materially advance the interests of the working class. We do not aim to be a talk shop or sloganeers on the polemical sidelines, but believe the best way to move people toward revolutionary politics is to fight alongside them in their struggles, to be there through victories and defeats, putting forward next steps and learning from the struggle ourselves.  


Formal membership in the Red Network is by nomination and a membership vote. Learn more about joining Red Network.

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