Membership criteria

Below are the primary considerations made by Red Network members when evaluating whether to admit a new person.

  • Agreement with our Points of Unity and Statement of Purpose
  • Nomination by a current member or the group co-chairs

Membership process

If you are interested in joining Red Network please email We encourage you to come meet our members at an event before joining. Before being accepted as a new member all potential candidates must first be nominated by an existing member and then be voted in by either a majority vote of the membership or by a unanimous vote of the co-chairs.

Why does the Red Network have a closed membership?

Red Network is explicitly a political collective and our ultimate aim and reason for existing is to advance a shared political vision and strategy based on the priorities outlined in our points of unity. While we have no desire to be exclusive merely for its own sake and encourage principled disagreement and productive debate on tactics, strategy and priorities both among our members and non-members, much of our mutual experience has been that effective and sustained commitment to a shared political goal requires relationships built on common understanding and trust, and that to be successful these kinds of relationships require we be intentional about who we choose to form them with. This is the reason there is an admission process for allowing new people to join, so current members can better evaluate and ensure that a new person’s admission into the group will advance rather than inhibit that shared goal.

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